Romantiker, topfit, 59, bis 12.1.21 in Antalya

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George - 57
High School
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+90 535 731 5139
Journey, Holidays, Oldtimer
White / Caucasian
Light Smoker
Light Drinker
I Am Well Preserved, Safe and Sound, Divorced for 20 years, 3 Daughters Whom I Love Very Much ... I Was The District Manager of A German Health Insurance Company for 20 years. i LIKE technology, cooking and most of all food !!! I like to pamper women and to be pampered myself ... I have a lot of humor and laugh very much !! I like to travel. I've already been to Russia 5 times, to South Africa ten times, to China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Norway, Sweden, all of Europe, especially Spain and the Netherlands, on the program are still: Cuba, USA, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Go Angeles, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Australia, New Zealand, ... I love people and cultures, people of all skin colors, I have no reservations! I speak a bit German English Portuguese, and especially the language of love !!!
Nice, intelligent, good-looking, from 40 years ... Everything else arises! For me it is not important how a person looks, whether red, blond, black, whether fat or thin, whether little or more bosom ... the person and his charisma are Important for me!!!